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The ILS Hip Hop Concert series was created to provide a platform for independent artists to extend there fan base and marketing potential through live performances. Provided exposure to some of the hottest producers and rappers. One of the biggest struggles for independent artists trying to break into the music industry is creating a strong fan base. Most social media tools such as Facebook, You tube, Instagram and Twitter provide social media networks but these sites did not help create a strong grass roots fan base for independent artists. The artist still has to create there own brand and fan base. One of the ways to create your fan base is through live performances. The struggle even with live performances is that most independent artists never perform or travel outside there local cities or state. ILS Hip Hop provides opportunities to build your brand, fan base through live performance.


(and many more artist to come!)

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Concert Series Cities 2018


Atlanta, GA


Greenville, SC

Charlotte, NC


Norfolk, VA

New York /New Jersey

Chicago, IL

St. Louis,MO

Houston, TX

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